Important Dates

Call for SLAM Challenge

Final Round: Sep -Oct. 2019

First Round: August 6th-September 20th, 2019

-Deadline has been extended! 

Training dataset (ground-truth included) release : 6th August 2019

Call for Papers

Camera-ready Version: 8th July 2019

Final Notification: 27th May 2019

Rebuttal Period: 3rd-8th May 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Reviews Released to Authors: 3rd May 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Paper Submission Deadline: 22nd March 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th March 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Call for Posters

Camera-ready version: 19th August 2019

Final  Notification: 5th August 2019                    

Submission Deadline: 30th June 2019(23:59 AoE)

-Deadline has been extended!

Call for Workshops

Call-for-Participation: 10th June 2019

Acceptance Notification: 30th May 2019

-Deadline has been extended!

Proposal Deadline: 20th May 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Call for Tutorials

Acceptance notification: 28th May 2019

-Deadline has been extended!

Proposal Deadline: 20th May 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Call for Demos

Camera-ready version: 18th September 2019

Final Notification: 28th August 2019

Submission Deadline: 19th August 2019

Call for Doctoral Consortium

Camera-ready version: August 27th, 2019

Notification: August 20nd, 2019

Submission Deadline: July 31th, 2019 (23:59 AoE)

-Deadline has been extended!

Call for Student Volunteers

Submission Deadline: August 5th, 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Call For Pitch your lab

Lab Presentation Submission Deadline: September 25th, 2019 (23:59 AoE) 
Notification upon submission: Lab Presentation Notification of Acceptance: October 3rd, 2019 (23:59 AoE)

Welcome to ISMAR 2019

The IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) is the leading international academic conference in the fields of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. The symposium is organized and supported by the IEEE Computer Society, IEEE VGTC .

The congress organized by BSIG, BUAA and BIT will be held at Friendship Hotel in Beijing (China), on October 14-18, 2019.

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Latest news


2019-10-02 Registration to the Mixed Reality and Accessibility Workshop is open to all.

2019-08-05 Published Call for SLAM Challenge

2019-06-15 Deadline Extension for Workshops Submission:1st August 2019 (23:59 AoE)

2019-06-10 Deadline Extension for Posters Submission:30th June 2019(23:59 AoE)

2019-05-06 Deadline Extension for Tutorials Submission:20th May 2019 (23:59 AoE)

2019-03-17 Published Call for Student Volunteers

2019-02-27 Online registration is now available.

2019-02-24 Published Call for Workshop Papers

2019-02-22 Published Call for Doctoral Consortium

2019-01-28 Published Call for Demonstrations

2019-01-28 Published Call for Posters

2019-01-23 Published Call for Tutorials

2019-01-23 Published Call for Workshops

2019-01-17 Published Call for Papers

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