General Chairs

Qinping zhao,

Beihang University, China

Yongtian Wang, 

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Henry BL Duh,

La Trode University, Australia

Science & Technology Chairs

Shimin Hu,

Tsinghua University, China

Joseph L. Gabbard,

Virginia Tech, USA

Jens Grubert, 

Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany

Stefanie Zollmann,  

University of Otago, New Zealand

Exhibition &Demos Chairs

Yihua Bao,

Beijing Film Acadamy, China

Finance Chairs

Yue Liu

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Registration Chairs

Jinyuan Jia

Tongji University, China

Local Organization Chairs

Xun Luo,

Tianjin University Of Technology, China

Workshops/Tutorials Chairs

Bin Zhou

Beihang University, China

Xubo Yang,

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Maki Sugimoto, 

Keio University, Japan

Doctoral Forum Chairs

Kai Xu, 

National University of Defense Technology, China.

Feng Xu ,

Tsinghua University , China

Christian Richardt,

University of Bath, UK

Posters Chairs

Yanwen Guo,

Nanjing University, China

Xueying Qin,

Shandong University, China

Andres Navarro,

ICESI University,  Colombia

Stephanie Maxwell,

Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Slam Challenge Chairs

Guofeng Zhang, 

Zhejiang University,China

Jing Chen,

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Guoquan Huang, 

University of Delaware, USA

Publications Chairs

Lili Wang, 

Beihang University, China

TVCG Liaison

Dieter Schmalstieg, 

TU Graz, Austria

Student Volunteer Chairs

Han Jiang, 

Beihang University, China

Pitch-Your-Lab Session Chairs

Weitao Song

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Sponsorship Chairs

Yue Liu

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Christine Perey

PEREY Research & Consulting

Zhi Wang,

CVRVT, China

Mark Billinghurst, 

University of South Australia, Australia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Publicity Chairs

Junxiao Xue,

Zhengzhou University, China

Xiaohui Yang

Hebei University, China

Student-Fair Session Chairs

Mark Billinghurst, 

University of South Australia, Australia

Beijing Night Chairs

Dewen Cheng, 

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Miao Wang, 

Beihang University, China

Yunji Chen,

Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science, China

Video Chairs

Ling Zou, 

Beijing Film Academy, China

Edwin Lobo,

Tianjin University of Techonology, China

Web Chairs

Xingce Wang,

Beijing Normal University, China

Accessibility Chair

Fengjun Zhang,

Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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