Posters Presentations
Poster Group A
Board IDPaper title and authors
A01Low-Cost Real-Time Mental Load Adaptation for Augmented Reality Instructions - A Feasibility Study. Dennis Wolf, Tobias Wagner, and Enrico Rukzio.
A02A Scalable and Long-term Wearable Augmented Reality System  for Order Picking. Wei Fang, Siyao Zheng, and Zhen Liu.
A03Augmented Reality-based Peephole Interaction Using Real Space Information. Masashi Miyazaki, and Takashi Komuro.
A04Exploring the use of Augmented Reality in a Kinesthetic Learning Application Integrated with an Intelligent Virtual Embodied Agent. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal,  Eleni Mangina, and Abraham G. Campbell.
A05Filtering Mechanisms of Shared Social Surrounding Environments in AR. Alaeddin Nassani, Gun Lee, Mark Billinghurst, and Robert W. Lindeman.
A06Design of an AR based System for Group Piano Learning. Minya Cai, Muhammad Alfian Amrizal, Toru Abe, and Takuo Suganuma.
A07Merging Live and Static 360 Panoramas inside 3D Scene for Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration. Theophilus Hua Lid Teo, Gun Lee, Mark Billinghurst, and Matt Adcock.
A08Kuroko Paradigm: Implications Augmenting Physical Interaction with AR Avatars. Tianyang Gao, and Yuta Itoh.
A09SceneCam: Improving Multi-Camera Remote Collaboration Using Augmented Reality. Troels Ammitsbøl Rasmussen, and Weidong Huang.
A10AR Tips: Augmented First-Person View Task Instruction Videos. Gun Lee, Seungjun Ahn, William Hoff, and Mark Billinghurst.
A11A High-Precision Localization Device for Outdoor Augmented Reality. Marco Stranner, Philipp Fleck, Dieter Schmalstieg, and Clemens Arth.
A12Smart Haproxy: A Novel Vibrotactile Feedback Prototype Combining Passive and Active Haptic in AR Interaction. Mengmeng Sun, Weiping He, Li Zhang, and Peng Wang.
A13A User Experience Study of Locomotion Design in Virtual Reality Between Adult and Minor Users. Zhijiong Huang, Yu Zhang, Kathryn C. Quigley, Ramya Sankar, and Allen Y Yang.
A14A Deformation Method in a Wrapping Manner for Virtual Gingiva Based on Mass-Spring Model. Tian Ma, Yun Li, Jiaojiao Li, and Yuancheng Li.
A15New System to Measure Motion-to-Photon Latency of Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display. Hang Xun, Yongtian Wang, and Dongdong Weng.
A16Hololens AR - Using Vuforia-based Marker Tracking together with Text Recognition in an Assembly Scenario. Sebastian Knopp, Philipp Klimant, Robert Schaffrath, Eric Voigt, Rayk Fritzsche, and Christoph Allmacher.
A17A Preliminary Exploration of Montage Transitions in Cinematic Virtual Reality. Ruochen Cao, James A. Walsh, Andrew Cunningham, Carolin Reichherzer, Subrata Dey,  and Bruce H Thomas.
A18WARP: Contributional Tracking Architecture towards a World Wide Augmented Reality Platform. Alexander Michael Sosin, and Yuta Itoh.
A19Consolidating the Research Agenda of Augmented Reality Television with Insights from Potential End-Users. Irina Popovici, and Radu-Daniel Vatavu.
A20A Low-Cost Drift-Free Optical-Inertial Hybrid Motion Capture System for High-Precision Human Pose Detection. Yue Li, Dongdong Weng, Dong Li, and Yihan Wang.
A21SafeAR: AR Alert System Assisting Obstacle Avoidance for Pedestrians. HyeongYeop Kang, Geonsun Lee, and JungHyun Han.
A22Easy Extrinsic Calibration of VR System and Multi-Camera based Marker-less Motion Capture System. Kosuke Takahashi, Dan Mikami, Mariko Isogawa, Sun Siqi, and Yoshinori Kusachi.
A23Automatic Viewpoint Switching for Multi-view Surgical Videos. Tomohiro Shimizu, Kei Oishi, Hideo Saito, Hiroki Kajita, and Yoshifumi Takatsume.
A24An MR Remote Collaborative Platform based on 3D CAD Models for Training in Industry. Peng Wang, Xiaoliang Bai, Mark Billinghurst, Shusheng Zhang, Dechuan Han, Hao Lv, Weiping He, Yuxiang Yan, Xiangyu Zhang, and Haitao Min.
A25Location-based Augmented Reality In-situ Visualisation Applied for Agricultural Fieldwork Navigation. Mengya Zheng, and Abraham G. Campbell.
A26Food Talks: Evaluating Visual and Interaction Principles for Representing Environmental and Nutritional Food Information in Augmented Reality. Emily Groves, Andreas Sonderegger, Delphine Ribes, and Nicolas Henchoz.
A27Integrating AR and VR for Mobile Remote Collaboration. Hao Tang, Jeremy Venerella, Lakpa W Sherpa, Tyler J Franklin,  and Zhigang Zhu.
A28Visual and Proprioceptive Evaluation for Virtual Bicycle Ride.  Xinli Wu, Qiang Zhou, Xin Li, Wenzhen Yang, and Zhigeng Pan.
A29PostAR: Design A Responsive Reading System with Multiple Interactions for Campus Augmented Poster. Shuo Liu, Seogsung Jang, and Woontack Woo.
A30Enhancing Rock Painting Tour Experience with Outdoor Augmented Reality. Qi Zhang, Xiaoyang Zhu, Haitao Yu, and Yongshi Jiang.
A31VesARlius: An Augmented Reality System for Large-Group Co-Located Anatomy Learning. Felix Bork, Alexander Lehner, Daniela Kugelmann,  Ulrich Eck, Jens Waschke,  and Nassir Navab.
A32Mental Fatigue of Long-term Office Tasks in Virtual Environment. Ruiying Shen, Dongdong Weng, Shanshan Chen, Jie Guo, and Hui Fang.
A33Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Military Training Simulation System Based on Augmented Reality. Lei Fan, Jing Chen, and Yuandong Miao.
A34Industrial Use Case - AR Guidance Using Hololens for Assembly and Disassembly of a Modular Mold, with Live Streaming for Collaborative support. Sebastian Knopp, Philipp Klimant, and Christoph Allmacher.
A35A Two-point Map-based Interface for Architectural Walkthrough. Kan Chen, and Eugene Lee.
A36Why Don't We See More of Augmented Reality in Schools?. Manoela Milena Oliveira da Silva, Rafael Roberto, Iulian Radu, Patricia Smith Cavalcante, and Veronica Teichrieb.
A37Hand ControlAR: An Augmented Reality Application for  Learning 3D Geometry. Rui Cao, and Yue Liu.
A38Words In Kitchen: An Instance of Leveraging Virtual Reality Technology to Learn Vocabulary. Tianyu Jia, and Yue Liu.
A39Holding Virtual Objects Using a Tablet for Tangible 3D Sketching. Shouxia Wang, Weiping He, Bokai Zheng, Shuo Feng, Shuxia Wang, Xiaoliang Bai, and  Mark Billinghurst.
A40Tie-Brake: Tie-based Wearable Device for Navigation with Brake Function. Yuan Yue, and Hiroaki Tobita.
A41Augmenting a Psoriasis-patient Doctor-dialogue through Intergrating Real Face and Maps of Psoriasis Pathology. Yiping Jiang, and Dongdong Weng.
A42InvisibleRobot: Facilitating Robot Manipulationthrough Diminished Reality. Alexander Plopski, Ada Virginia Taylor, Elizabeth Jeanne Carter, and Henny Admoni.
A43DroneCamo: Modifying Human-Drone Comfort via Augmented Reality. Atsushi Mori, and Yuta Itoh.
A44Evaluating IVR in Primary School Classrooms. Yvonne Chua, Priyashri Kamlesh Sridhar, Haimo Zhang, Vipula Dissanayake, and Suranga Nanayakkara.
A453DUITK: An Opensource Toolkit for Thirty Years of Three-Dimensional Interaction Research. Kieran William May, Lan Hanan, Andrew Cunningham, and Bruce H Thomas.
A46Compiling VR/AR-Trainings from Business Process Models. Lucas Thies, Christoph Strohmeyer, Jens Ebert, Marc Stamminger, and Frank Bauer.
A47Towards a Switchable AR/VR Near-eye Display with Accommodation-Vergence and Eyeglass Prescription Support. Xinxing Xia, Yunqing Guan, Andrei State, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Kishore Rathinavel, Tat-Jen Cham, and Henry Fuchs.
A48Is It Cold in Here or Is It Just Me? Analysis of Augmented Reality Temperature Visualization for Computer-Mediated Thermoception. Austin Erickson, Ryan Schubert, Kangsoo Kim, Gerd Bruder, and Greg Welch.
A49DepthMove: Leveraging Head Motions in the Depth Dimension to Interact with Virtual Reality Head-Worn Displays. Difeng Yu, Hai-Ning Liang, Xueshi Lu, Tianyu Zhang, and Wenge Xu.
A50A Shape Completion Component for Non-Rigid SLAM. Yongzhi Su, Vladislav Golyanik, Narek Minaskan, Sk Aziz Ali, and Didier Stricker.
A51VPModel: High-Fidelity Product Simulation in a Virtual-Physical Environment. Xin Min, Wenqiao Zhang, Shouqian Sun, Nan Zhao, Siliang Tang, and Yueting Zhuang.
A52ReconViguRation: Reconfiguring Physical Keyboards in Virtual Reality. Daniel Schneider, Alexander Otte, Travis Gesslein, Philipp Gagel, Bastian Kuth, Mohamad Shahm Damlakhi, Oliver Dietz, Eyal Ofek, Michel Pahud, Per Ola Kristensson, Jörg Müller, and Jens Grubert.
A53Camera Relocalization with Ellipsoidal Abstraction of Objects. Vincent Gaudillière, Gilles Simon, and Marie-Odile Berger.
A54Efficient 3D Reconstruction and Streaming for Group-Scale Multi-Client Live Telepresence. Patrick Stotko, Stefan Krumpen, Michael Weinmann, and Reinhard Klein.
Poster Group B
Board IDPaper title and authors
B01Volumetric Representation of Human Body Parts Using Superquadrics. Ryo Hachiuma,  and Hideo Saito.
B02Deep Consistent Illumination in Augmented Reality. Xiang Wang, Kai Wang, and Shiguo Lian.
B03Improving Hybrid Tracking System for First-Person Interaction in Immersive CAVE Environment. Yi Lyu, XU Shuhong, Wei Fang, ChengCheng Wu, and Tianzhuang Cheng.
B04Video Synthesis of Human Upper Body with Realistic Face. Zhaoxiang Liu, Huan Hu, Zipeng Wang, Kai Wang, Jinqiang Bai, and Shiguo Lian.
B05Joint Inpainting of RGB and Depth Images by Generative Adversarial Network with a Late Fusion approach. Ryo Fujii, Ryo Hachiuma,  and Hideo Saito.
B06InteractionGAN: Image-Level Interaction Using Generative Adversarial Networks. Minjung Son, and Hyun Sung Chang.
B07Blended-Keyframes for Mobile Mediated Reality Applications. Yu Xue, Diego Thomas, Frédéric Rayar, Hideaki Uchiyama, Rin-ichiro Taniguchi, and Baocai Yin.
B08The Effect of Two Different Types of Human-computer Interactions on User's Emotion in Virtual Counseling Environment. Ziqi Tu, Dongdong Weng, Dewen Cheng, Ruiying Shen, Hui Fang, and Yihua Bao.
B09Deep Multi-State Object Pose Estimation for Augmented Reality Assembly. Yongzhi Su, Jason Rambach, Narek Minaskan, Paul Lesur, Alain Pagani, and Didier Stricker.
B10Real-time 3D Hand Gesture Based Mobile Interactions Interface. Yunlong Che, Yuxiang Song, and Yue Qi.
B11A Neural Virtual Anchor Synthesizer based on Seq2Seq and GAN Models. Zipeng Wang,  Zhaoxiang Liu, Zezhou Chen, Huan Hu, and Shiguo Lian.
B12Setforge - Synthetic RGB-D Training Data Generation to Support CNN-based Pose Estimation for Augmented Reality. Shu Zhang, Cheng Song, and Rafael Radkowski.
B14Improving Color Discrimination for Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) withTemporal-domain Modulation. Silviya Hasana, Yuichiro Fujimoto, Alexander Plopski, Masayuki Kanbara, and Hirokazu Kato.
B15Compact Light Field Augmented Reality Display with Eliminated Stray Light Using Discrete Structures. Cheng Yao, Yue Liu, Dewen Cheng, and Yongtian Wang.
B16Faithful Face Image Completion for HMD Occlusion Removal. Miao Wang, Xin Wen, and Shi-Min Hu.
B17Reconstructing HDR Image from a Single Filtered LDR Image Based on a Deep Hybrid HDR Merger Network. Bin Liang, Dongdong Weng, Yihua Bao, Ziqi Tu, and Le Luo.
B18OSTNet: Calibration Method for Optical See-Through Head-Mounted Displays via Non-Parametric Distortion Map Generation. Kiyosato Someya, Yuichi Hiroi, Makoto Yamada, and Yuta Itoh.
B19A Projector Calibration Method Using a Mobile Camera for Projection Mapping System. Chun Xie, Hidehiko Shishido, Yoshinari Kameda, and Itaru Kitahara.
B20Li-Fi for Augmented Reality Glasses: A Proof of Concept. Rene Kirrbach, Michael Faulwaßer, Benjamin Jakob, Tobias Schneider, and Alexander Noack.
B21Real-Time Hand Model Estimation from Depth Images for Wearable Augmented Reality Glasses. Bill Zhou, Alex Yu, Joseph Menke, and Allen Y Yang.
B22LE-HGR: A Lightweight and Efficient RGB-based Online Gesture Recognition Network for Embedded AR Devices. Hongwei Xie, Jiafang Wang, Shao Baitao, Mingyang Li, and Jian Gu.
B23Object Manipulation: Interaction for Virtual Reality on Multi-touch Screen. Jiafei Pan, and Dongdong Weng.
B24Birds vs. Fish: Visualizing Out-Of-View Objects in Augmented Reality Using 3D Minimaps. Felix Bork, Ulrich Eck, and Nassir Navab.
B25Realtime Water-hazard Detection and Visualisation for Autonomous Navigation and Advanced Driving Assistance. Juntao Li, and Chuong V Nguyen.
B26Online Gesture Recognition Algorithm Applied to HUD Based Smart Driving System. Jingyao Wang, Jing Chen, Yuanyuan Qiao, Junyan Zhou, and Yongtian Wang.
B27Real-time Texturing for 6D Object Instance Detection from RGB Images. Pavel Rojtberg, and Arjan Kuijper.
B28Dual-Model Approach for Engineering Collision Detection in the CAVE Environment. Yang Xue, Xu Shuhong, Lijun Wang, Chaofan Dai, and Yufen Wu.
B29Barrier Detection and Tracking from Parameterized Lidar Data. Wen Xing, Lifeng Zhu, and Aiguo Song.
B30Multi-Level Scene Modeling and Matching for Smartphone-Based Indoor Localization.  Lidong Chen, Yin Zou, Yaohua Chang, Jinyun Liu, Benjamin Lin, and Zhigang Zhu.
B31Indoor Scene Reconstruction: From Panorama Images to CAD Models. Chongyang Luo,  Bochao Zou, Xiangwen Lyu, and Haiyong Xie.
B32A Fast Method for Large-scale Scene Data Acquisition and 3D Reconstruction. Yao Li, Yang Xie, Xijing Wang, Xun Luo, and Yue Qi.
B33Optimization for RGB-D SLAM based on plane geometrical constraint. Ningsheng Huang, Jing Chen, and Yuandong Miao.
B35Inter-Brain Connectivity: Comparisons between Real and Virtual  Environments Using Hyperscanning. Amit Barde, Nastaran Saffaryazdi, Pawan Withana, Nakul Patel, and Mark Billinghurst.
B36Less is More: Using Spatialised Auditory and Visual Cues for Target Acquisition in a Real-World Search Task. Amit Barde, Matt Ward, Robert W. Lindeman, and Mark Billinghurst.
B37FragmentFusion: A light-weight SLAM pipeline for dense reconstruction. Darius Rueckert, Matthias Innmann, and Marc Stamminger.
B38Mid-Air Haptic Bio-Holograms in Mixed Reality. Teodor Romanus, Sam Frish,  Mykola Maksymenko, Loïc Corenthy, William Frier, and Orestis Georgiou.
B39Perceptual MR Space: Interactive Toolkit for Efficient Environment Reconstruction in Mobile Mixed Reality. Chong Cao, and Jiayi Sun.
B40Integrating Peripheral Interaction into Augmented Reality Applications. Ovidiu Andrei Schipor, Radu-Daniel Vatavu, and Wenjun Wu.
B416DoF Pose Estimation with Object Cutout based on a Deep Autoencoder. Xin Liu, Jichao Zhang, Xian He, Xiuqiang Song, and Xueying Qin.
B42NEAR: The NetEase AR Oriented Visual Inertial Dataset. Cheng Wang, Yu Zhao, Jiabin Guo, Ling Pei, Yue Wang, and Haiwei Liu.
B43Visualization-Guided Attention Direction in Dynamic Control Tasks. Jason Orlosky, Chang Liu, Denis Kalkofen, and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa.
B44Large-Scale Optical Tracking System. Dong Li, Dongdong Weng, Yue Li, and Hang Xun.
B45HIGS: Hand Interaction Guidance System. Yao Lu, and Walterio Mayol-Cuevas.
B46FrictionHaptics : Encountered-type Haptic Device for Tangential Friction Emulation. Meguro Ryo, Photchara Ratsamee, Haruo Takemura, Tomohiro Mashita, and Yuki Uranishi.
B47Utilizing Multiple Calibrated IMUs for Enhanced Mixed Reality Tracking. Adnane Jadid, Linda Rudolph, Frieder Pankratz, and Gudrun Klinker.
B48Evaluating Text Entry in Virtual Reality Using a Touch-sensitive Physical Keyboard. Alexander Otte, Daniel Schneider, Tim Menzner, Travis Gesslein, Philipp Gagel, and Jens Grubert.
B49Wearable RemoteFusion: A Mixed Reality Remote Collaboration System with Local Eye Gaze and Remote Hand Gesture Sharing. Prasanth Sasikumar, Lei Gao, Huidong Bai, and Mark Billinghurst.
B50Estimation of Rotation Gain Thresholds Considering FOV, Gender, and Distractors. Niall L Williams, and Tabitha C. Peck.
B51Prediction of Discomfort due to Egomotion in Immersive Videos for Virtual Reality. Suprith Balasubramanian, and Rajiv Soundararajan.
B52Projection Distortion-based Object Tracking in Shader Lamp Scenarios. Niklas Gard, Anna Hilsmann, and Peter Eisert.
B53FVA: Modeling Perceived Friendliness of Virtual Agents Using Movement Characteristics. Tanmay Randhavane, Aniket Bera, Kyra Kapsaskis, Kurt Gray, and Dinesh Manocha.
B54Sick Moves! Motion Parameters as Indicators of Simulator Sickness. Tobias Feigl, Daniel Roth, Stefan Gradl, Markus Gerhard Wirth, Michael Philippsen, Marc Erich Latoschik, Bjoern M Eskofier, and Christopher Mutschler.

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