Call for Student Volunteers

Become a Student Volunteer

The student volunteers keep running ISMAR smoothly. They manage the registration desk, help setting up demo sessions and provide support to the organizing committee. For the upcoming ISMAR 2019, we need friendly and responsive volunteers to help us out.

Important Dates

· Submission Deadline: August 5th, 2019 (23:59 AoE)

·  Acceptance Notification: August 15th, 2019 (23:59 AoE)

How to apply

Applications are open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in cutting edge augmented reality research. In order to join the ISMAR team as a volunteer, you must be enrolled for at least one semester during the academic semester before the conference. Some preference will be given to international students presenting work at the conference to help with the cost of traveling to Beijing. To apply to be a student volunteer, please fill out the application form until Monday, August 5.

Selection Guidelines

Every year the conference receives a lot of worthy student volunteer applications, but the number of positions available is limited. The following considerations will influence selections:

·  Selection for presentation at ISMAR19.

·  Success as a student volunteer at previous ISMAR conference or other.

·  Preference is given to PhD, then masters, then undergraduate students though we encourage everyone to apply.

· The number of volunteers from each region, institution and research group may be limited to ensure broad participation.

Work as a student volunteer

·  You will agree to a volunteer contract, in which you agree to:

· Work at least 18-20 hours.

· Show up on time to tasks.

· Attend an orientation session.

· Arrive at the conference by October 12.


In return we commit to waive your registration fee. We provide student volunteers all of the other benefits received by registered conference attendees, including free lunch and break food. Furthermore, volunteering at ISMAR provides an excellent opportunity for networking with some of the leading minds of AR research. The volunteers get insight into the logistics behind a major conference and gather valuable working experience.

If you need to communicate to us, please do not hesitate to contact us through email . Looking forward to meeting all of you!


Student Volunteer Chairs

     Han Jiang

      Beihang University, China


Thanks to our sponsors

We thank our sponsors for supporting the ISMAR 2019 conference.


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